“In class when I mapped the freight process, I discovered that the operational process was not the main issue; instead we had some key decisions at the strategic level to consider. Back at work, I have already shared the maps I developed with others and I am developing some dashboards to collect data to focus our improvement efforts. Shelley asked some insightful questions that influenced my thinking and put me in a stronger position to demonstrate what needed to be done.”

Theresa Quinn Accurso
Director of Finance
Shure Inc.


Corporate Training

Process Improvement Real Time

Are you sure you can do this process faster but somehow you just don’t seem to get there?

Do you need workarounds and rework because information is missing or inaccurate?

Do you want to build the skills of your leaders as the foundation for sustaining improvements?

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Starting and Organizing a BPM Project (virtual class, live-online)

Are you thinking about a BPM or process improvement project but are not sure how to get started?

Are  you wondering which process to choose first?

Would you like to know the key elements for a charter and team?

Are you eager to use BPM notation with the business and IT?


Modeling, Analyzing and Improving Processes with BPMN

You know Business Process Management (BPM) is important but you are not sure how to get started

You need to coordinate several players in the process and you don’t know how to get them to see the problem together

You are worried that process modeling and analysis will take extensive investment and are not sure if it will get you the results you need

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Improving Lean Office, Service and Technical Operations

Are customer transactions stalled while you wait for information and decisions?

Do administrative support functions slow down your core business?

Could reducing the bottlenecks in operations and support functions give you the competitive edge you need?

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Quick Start Process Improvement

Do departments want to get rid of rework and paper?

Are you ready to get started improving processes and finding those “low hanging fruit” solutions? 

Do employees and managers want skills to make improvements in their work?

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Business Process Improvement Modules

Are you frustrated by departments that won’t get behind your initiative?

Do you have managers passively resisting?

Is your organization frequently in overload?

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