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“As part of the management team, I realized that Finance, Accounting, and Administration needed to build an understanding of how Lean works for the administrative side and in support of our manufacturing Lean Journey. This class solidified the concepts and philosophy with specific examples that enabled me to internalize the knowledge. I plan on getting together with two plant controllers to do additional training and projects in the local area, and implement improvements like the ones I did in class of the value stream mapping of the month end close.”

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How Should We Work with Over 100 Global Subsidiaries?

global map

Dear i4Process,

Help! I work in a global retail corporation in the finance area. We have over 100 global subsidiaries for financial transactions, accounting and reporting. The financial subsidiaries outsource much of the work to local experts and operate quite independently. We need to manage the subsidiaries better, so that the larger organization has better […]

Customization is Driving Us Crazy!

customize istockmall

Dear i4Process,

Customization is driving us crazy! We want to meet our customer needs but we can’t handle this level of variation. What should we do?

Dear Crazy,

Do not worry. You are not terminally unique. Many of i4Proess customers have had this problem. It grows out of a variety of situations. One software customer […]