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“Shelley gave structure to the process team, guiding us and providing tools, so that we were more productive during the mapping and analysis of the current process and redesigning the new process.

The new process, the Abovehealth Modular Implementation, is a repeatable process with discipline and specific tools for each phase. We expect that the new sequence modular approach will not only reduce cycle time and rework, but be a real differentiator for us in the marketplace.”

Terri SenRoy
Director, Quality Assurance (former)


Macro Maps Help You Choose Processes

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 7.43.03 PM

How do you choose the right processes to work on first?

A leader raised his hand and said, “Let’s start with this one.” IT bought some software and needed to install it. The process was key to the strategic plan. The organization used criteria to choose from its portfolio of processes

All of these […]