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“Shelley engaged the Advisory Council in some very productive ways. The project enabled Kara to increase its leadership capacity within the organization. We were able to begin some new projects that would not be possible without the assistance of the Advisory Council.”

Michael Lydon
Executive Director(former)


Introduce Yourself for Success as the BPM Facilitator

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Dear i4Process:

We have been doing process improvement in our healthcare organization for several years. I would like to know, “How does a BPM Facilitator successfully position him/herself when working with a team for the first time?”

Dear Potential BPM Facilitator,

Let me begin by giving a definition of a BPM Facilitator to clarify what […]

The Virtual BPM Facilitator - Part 1

Virtual meeting 2013-10-07 at 10.46.24 AM

A Facilitator helps participants in a group work together toward the meeting objective by providing a meeting structure, engaging the participants, keeping them focused on the content, and remaining neutral himself. A BPM Facilitator is a person who guides A business process improvement (BPI) project, using the same group process skills and behaviors of a […]