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“This active learning process has been a really valuable experience for me in many ways. With the excellent support of your methodology, coaching, and tools, I was able to step into a more visible leadership role, increase my value as an employee, and deliver significant results to the campus. You're a superb consultant! Thank you, Shelley.”

Jill Martin
Program Manager
UC Berkeley


Why Stakeholder Management is Important

3D Character and Friendship

By Steven Lesser, InfoWorks.

Projects revolve around stakeholders.

A stakeholder is someone inside or outside the organization that has an interest in the outcomes of the project. Some are more important to the life of the project, such as the sponsor, steering committee or project team members (may include technical or business leads/supervisors) and […]

We Want to Get Started with Process Improvement/BPM but Where? (Part 1)

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We want to build a process oriented culture but where do we start? Well, it depends…

on who the early adopter leaders are on where the urgency is and which processes are aligned with strategic priorities on the company culture, how you currently involve employees and work across functions. (Part 2) on whether […]

How Do We Get Different Stakeholders To See The BPM Process Together?

iStockdiff. stakeholdersl

Dear i4Process:

We have an important work process that we need to streamline but some of the key players are not in our chain of command. Our sponsor can round up resources from within our group to work on this process improvement effort but we won’t fully understand the process if we don’t […]