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“We wanted to upgrade the process improvement skills of all of our staff, and Shelley was superb in every way! She taught us not only advanced business process improvement skills, but also her wealth of real client experiences added a great amount of color and dimension to the training. We are already using her ideas with our clients. Thank you Shelley!”

Shelly Berlin
Berlin, Eaton & Associates


Who's on First? The Importance of Roles in Processes

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When you’re first doing a business process improvement project understanding roles in the process is critical. That’s because often employees don’t know who is responsible for a certain task in the process, or there are two people responsible for a task (so who is really responsible?), or they don’t know who to escalate a concern […]

Project Managers and Process Managers - Many Similarities But Different Focus

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Can a Project Manager provide value to a BPM project?

Project Manager is a common term in business these days. On the simplest level, a Project Manager can be an individual in charge of a plan that was developed on a ‘cocktail napkin’ or simple spreadsheet. For a more complex project, the Project Manager can […]