“I had a programming background and needed to see the bigger picture in the health care organization where I was working. Shelley's teaching was very good, she was approachable, and had a wealth of stories that I could benefit from.

I got really pumped up from the class. I realized that I needed to get more information up front to build improved processes. I had a new way of identifying roadblocks in processes and had methods to redesign processes to make them more effective. I saw that I had to take responsibility for influencing improvements vs. depending on others. In just three days after I got back to the office, I identified why an installation project had been floundering for several months, took action, and moved the project along!”

Debby Bearden,
Information Technology
St. John Health System



Strategic Planning

When the Jewish Community Center was growing from portable cubicles to a full fledged campus they knew they needed a new strategic plan to help them get there. We helped them create it and implement.

Are you expanding geographically or building a new facility?

Do you need to move the organization to the next phase of its development?

Are competitors encroaching on your market?

Are your merging with another organization?

Strategic Planning can help create a common focus, build commitment for action based on critical service needs, and turn your vision into action.

Ideas and Involvement

We use a proven method to get stakeholders from diverse backgrounds with different points of view talking to one another. We will sketch out a plan for you involving key executives, staff, the Board, and other internal and external stakeholders. Out model includes

Plan and Roadmap

Organization Assessment

Building a Common Framework (Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Program Matrix)

Prioritizing Initiatives


We are flexible to your needs, timeframe, and geography and can use a blended plan of virtual, small group and large group sessions, with work in between.

Implementation and Impact

Together we build a common focus vs. hashing out problems. Employees and board members are energized because they contribute, formulate ideas together, and see the bigger picture. When they build a plan and initiative together they want to implement. At the same time they understand that an integrative approach for the customer and the organization means trade offs and everyone can’t have everything.

Tool Example: Program Matrix

Length: Usually a 3-6 month engagement with periodic meetings of different groups

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Program Matrix


Tool Example: Program Matrix

Examples of Our Work Products:

Overview of Strategic Planning Sample
Organizational Assessment
Vision and Mission (These can be new or revised)
Strategic Objectives
Centers of Excellence
Program Matrix (Programs in each Centers of Excellence by Market Segments)
Initiative List
Implementation Plans
Board Review 

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