“We had an overly complex implementation for our healthcare application process which was difficult to communicate and manage. Shelley helped by providing a process to develop a more effective implementation process and leading us through that. We now have a simpler more disciplined process which is easier to communicate. We are piloting it with current clients and using it as a differentiator in our sales process.”

Jack Johnson



Rapid Improvement Workshops for Complex Process Improvement

Business Need

Has the organization grown and your processes and operations are not keeping up?

Are you implementing an ERP system and want to improve current business processes first to benefit the most from your ERP implementation?

Do you need to meet customer demands across departments and currently this response is slow?

Are you growing rapidly, but your process and operations are not keeping up?

Do you need to be more global, but your processes are still regional?

Today, enormous amounts of waste exist in office and service operations. Delays, bottlenecks, errors, redundancy, work arounds, and ambiguity abound. Activities that deliver virtually no value can account for as much as 95 percent of the workday.

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Roadmap for major improvement projects



Ideas and Involvement

We work with a cross functional team of your best managers and employees to understand the current work process, analyze it, complete process modeling and then reengineer the business process. Using practical tools applied to your own, real-world situation, the team gains insights that get to the root cause of quality and timeline issues. Our proven methodology energizes and leads the team to inventive ideas that really get implemented in the work place.

Implementation and Impact

The team creates solutions based on data and design principles. Applying fundamental design principles, the team learns how to identify and fix broken processes, as well as how to design better processes for breakthrough results. Their involvement and commitment guarantees a successful implementation. Leadership development is a powerful by product. The business implements low cost business designs in the work place and the team wins by gaining new professional skills.

Length: ½ day meetings each week for 9-12 sessions

Visual Analysis Map

Tool Example: Visual Analysis

Major Steps

Getting Ready:

Identify critical process that is broken

Select sponsor, project lead, and team members for your process

Develop a high level map for your process with sponsor and project lead

Identify vision and improvement targets for your process with sponsor

9-12 Workshop Sessions (These are half day sessions where we learn content and then the team applies it immediately to their process.)

Session 1 – Sponsor Kickoff, High Level Map, Roles and Responsibilities, and Overall Roadmap

Sessions 2-4 – Communication Plan, Swim Lane As Is Model

Sessions 5-8 – Using the Right Evaluation Techniques, Observing in the Field, Gathering Pertinent Data, Sponsor Visit

Sessions 9-12 – Case Study, Design Principles, Redesign, Improvement Log, Sr. Management Review, and Implementation Plan

Unique Value:

Work on your critical work process during all sessions so all ideas and solutions are applicable to your organization

Turn staff frustration into ideas to improve performance

Build professional skills of employees in process analysis and redesign

Build knowledge and interaction from end to end on your process

Produce dramatic business results, such as

Reducing paperwork process time up to 90%

Reducing total cycle time up to 95%

Eliminating redundant decision approvals

Reducing errors up to 50%

Demonstrating cost savings and ROI opportunities to senior management


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