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“We wanted to upgrade the process improvement skills of all of our staff, and Shelley was superb in every way! She taught us not only advanced business process improvement skills, but also her wealth of real client experiences added a great amount of color and dimension to the training. We are already using her ideas with our clients. Thank you Shelley!”

Shelly Berlin
Berlin, Eaton & Associates


Only Strategic Projects Get Resourced: Case Study

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This mid-sized B2C has a strong CEO with clear values. The number one value is that whatever the company does must benefit the customer. The CEO defines the vision and strategy and he and the execs turn the strategies into projects. They know there are only a small number of projects they can work on. […]

What Next? Starting, Growing or Killing Process Improvement

Big and small tree  AM

Knowing where the organization is in its process improvement journey is important, so you start from where you are and keep moving forward. This article addresses three different stages–starting, growing, and killing process improvement and looks at three different areas for success.


Are you ready to look at your work from a customer’s perspective? […]

Laying the Foundation for Continuous Improvement, Phase One – Part 1

Guest Blog

Guest Blog

By Lisa Meschi

Many organizations begin to emphasize continuous improvement (CI) in times of economic downfall to eliminate any potential waste, but we were different—we created our CI effort because we were thriving, and we wanted to sustain our success as we continued to grow and expand.

Our company specializes in genetics […]

Setting up a BPM Measurement System - Part 1 of 3

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Do you know how each process is performing right now in your organization? And if you’ve improved a particular process do you know if you achieved the level of improvement you wanted? It’s necessary to quantify data to be able to answer these two questions and provide objective ways to measure process and level of […]

Can Changing Your Culture Be a Quick Win?

There’s another way to create culture change says Jason Bingham, a vice president at Trane North American and author of Cultureship: The ACBs of Business Leadership. Instead of using a change management approach for a transformation which takes three to ten years, Bingham says begin with

a culture survey and an employee engagement survey

These […]