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“We have successfully used Lean in manufacturing and the supply chain, and we recognized there was a wealth of opportunity beyond the manufacturing floor for the application of lean. We wanted to find someone who had an experience base with business support processes to bring lean to that audience of our company. Shelley provided us that credible source. She brought numerous examples from her experience about how lean principles and tools apply to office and service operations, and helped translate employee questions to show them how the principles applied to what they do.”

Jesse Shearin,
Director of Enterprise Excellence
PPG Industries Inc.


Expanding and Sustaining Continuous Improvement – Part 2

Guest Blog

Guest Blog

By Lisa Meschi

After phase one of our continuous improvement (CI) journey, we saw a shift in the energy around our effort: momentum waned, and there was resistance to new CI projects. After looking at our main issues, we aimed to solve four problems: Projects were taking too long, our infrastructure was […]

3 Reasons Why You Need BPM Governance

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.40.38 PM

Sometimes I think that BPM governance is just a fancy word that brands business process management as an important part of the enterprise. Should the organization really add more structure, committees, and meetings for another form of governance—namely business process management governance? And then there are other questions—when should the organization have BPM governance, what […]

5 Early Warning Signals for a BPI Project - Part 1

Can you recognize the early warning signals that derail a business process improvement project? Many articles have been written about what makes process improvement projects fail and usually they list critical success factors. But the real question is how do you recognize the leading indicators in a process? And once you identify these signals what […]

Can Changing Your Culture Be a Quick Win?

There’s another way to create culture change says Jason Bingham, a vice president at Trane North American and author of Cultureship: The ACBs of Business Leadership. Instead of using a change management approach for a transformation which takes three to ten years, Bingham says begin with

a culture survey and an employee engagement survey

These […]

Change Management and Business Process Improvement Projects - Part 2

People, TEch, Process 2013-11-29 at 12.23.57 PM

This is part 2 of this blog. The first discussed the first five of ten critical success factors used that Anna Ewins of Ewins and Winby mentions in “Managing Change & Ambiguity in the Workplace”, her course at UC Berkeley Extension. They all are:


Compelling Business Case Aligned Vision & Strategy Securing Sponsorship Committed […]