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“Shelley Sweet was recommended to me at a time when I was seeking professional assistance to lead the District in the development of a strategic plan. It was a fortunate meeting – with Shelley’s experience and guidance we were able to assemble a broad range of community members to form a design team. The team participated in a series of activities to assess, discuss, and develop the outcomes to create the classroom of the future. Under Shelley’s leadership, the design team was able to propose to the Board of Education, seven completed “initiatives” that would provide the course of action to realize the District’s vision.”

John Deasy
Superintendent of Schools (former)
Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District


Optimize Processes Using Rules for Redesign

Box of Questions

There are 7 main Rules for Redesign that I use with teams when doing Business Process Improvement Projects. Rules for Redesign are principles for the new process design. They are positive statements describing the actions that will be part of the new design. I use them to help the team shift from the analytics of […]

BPM Tips for the Virtual Team Facilitator - Part 2

Virtual meeting 2013-10-07 at 10.46.24 AM


As promised for Part 2, here are some tips for specific BPM methodology activities when the venue is virtual:

Prepare an agenda and send it out ahead of time. Think about what the outcomes are, what agenda items you need, what methods you will use to engage participants and accomplish the agenda items, and […]

The Virtual BPM Facilitator - Part 1

Virtual meeting 2013-10-07 at 10.46.24 AM

A Facilitator helps participants in a group work together toward the meeting objective by providing a meeting structure, engaging the participants, keeping them focused on the content, and remaining neutral himself. A BPM Facilitator is a person who guides A business process improvement (BPI) project, using the same group process skills and behaviors of a […]

Is a BPM Facilitator Needed? Part 2

Yes, Business Process Improvement Facilitators need to know group process skills, but that is not all. Four categories of skills are listed below. (Note Part 1 of this blog covered what a BPI Facilitator does, why they are needed in addition to the Project Lead, and what responsibilities they have and don’t have in a […]

Is a BPM Facilitator Needed? - Part 1

Facilitator 2013-09-07 at 12.02.56 PM

For sure. For without a Facilitator for a business process improvement (BPI) project, the project is likely to

Take considerably longer Not stay focused on the goal and instead go off on tangents Be controlled by the project manager Miss input from key stakeholders And more

Yes, a Facilitator is needed for a BPM improvement […]