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“We hired Shelley to help us define roles and responsibilities, build the rules of engagement, and advance the company service model. As a result of the work Shelley did with a company improvement team, we implemented a one touch Client Service Excellence program and reduced the backlog of cases from 418 to zero in three months.”

Dale Brown
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Do Kaizens Work for Knowledge Workers? - Part 1

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 6.17.29 PM

Kaizen (改善), is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best”. It is usually associated with Lean methodology and is often run as a rapid improvement event lasting 5 full days with a team working to study a value stream, find problems, discover root cause, recommend and implement improvements. It’s an intense week, and some […]

Half the Time Process Improvement Fails: How to Be in the Other Half: Part 1

Car in pot hole found that 54% of process improvement projects fail for theses top three reasons:



Scope creep Resistance by the end users and key stakeholders Lack of executive sponsorship

My experience certainly confirms these three big challenges in a process improvement project.

So an organization has to set the up the process improvement project […]

5 tips to Build BPM Leader Success - Part 1

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Do your executives have the skills and experience to lead a cross-functional process focused organization? Clearly, if your company is a successful organization, it has many excellent leaders. But those leaders have had training and experience to succeed in a traditional organization with a C-suite at the top and siloed business units and functions under […]

Why Stakeholder Management is Important

3D Character and Friendship

By Steven Lesser, InfoWorks.

Projects revolve around stakeholders.

A stakeholder is someone inside or outside the organization that has an interest in the outcomes of the project. Some are more important to the life of the project, such as the sponsor, steering committee or project team members (may include technical or business leads/supervisors) and […]

Innovative Ideas and Provocative Thoughts from Building Business Capabilities Conference Last Week Nov. 2013

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I attended three days of this conference: a well done event, over 1000 people, Las Vegas is a 24/7 place. Here are some stimulating tidbits I took away from the week.

Framework for Measuring Project Success – Beyond Budget, Scope, Schedule and Quality Peter Moon, Microsoft

To get people to think creatively in an integrative […]