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“Shelley worked with a cross-functional team and designed a client team approach with enabled us to integrate client strategies from multiple perspectives. Already we have seen results in the marketplace: one customer said that the team approach was critical and instrumental in their decision to sign an ongoing contract. Another prospect said that the strategic team approach was a differentiator in the market place which set the company apart from its larger competitors.”

Dale Brown
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing


A “Pickle” with My BPM Recommendations and Implementation

pickled gherkin on fork

Dear i4Process,

Our fund development programs which are run through two different operational methods, accounted for differently, and are based on policies in two different organizations. Once we created one consolidated model and optimized the process we wanted to recommend it to the two sponsors with an implementation plan. But we couldn’t finalize the implementation […]

A Faster Way to Gather Requirements (and Earn a Prize)

win an award

As a prestigious university, we had over 100 varied graduate programs all of whom have their own application process. With a budget crunch we wanted to buy or build a system which would enable us to consolidate the multiple programs and standardize them into one application process. How do we understand the requirements for […]

Quick Wins - To Do or Not To Do

race on road

Should we implement Quick Wins? “It seems like it will distract us from our overall purpose of improving the process and we are so busy now.” Most of my clients over the last 15 years have been really excited about finding Quick Wins and implementing them, but a few have really pushed back and said […]

How Do You Do Continuous Improvement?

implementation fish

So many of the clients I work with say, we can model and analyze the process and come up with recommendations for improvements but then it doesn’t stick. We start implementing the improvements and things get in the way – other priorities come up, the workload is too heavy, whatever…

I have begun using a […]