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“We had an overly complex implementation for our healthcare application process which was difficult to communicate and manage. Shelley helped by providing a process to develop a more effective implementation process and leading us through that. We now have a simpler more disciplined process which is easier to communicate. We are piloting it with current clients and using it as a differentiator in our sales process.”

Jack Johnson


Three Ideas from Scrum for BPM

Scrum photo 2013-09-30 at 6.28.26 PM

I took an excellent Certified Scrum Master course from Jeff McKenna, President of Agile Action, about two months ago and have been using many of the concepts and techniques for my weekly work, especially about writing my new book Process Improvement Making Projects Simple, Structured, and Successful (to be published about March of 2014). The […]

Is a BPM Facilitator Needed? Part 2

Yes, Business Process Improvement Facilitators need to know group process skills, but that is not all. Four categories of skills are listed below. (Note Part 1 of this blog covered what a BPI Facilitator does, why they are needed in addition to the Project Lead, and what responsibilities they have and don’t have in a […]

Analyzing and Optimizing BPM Processes

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 8.45.39 PM

Online Course, July 30 and 31, 2013 Virtual Classroom – Interactive via Web Browser

“For business process transformation programs to succeed the organization will need a strong partnership between Business,Process, and IT.” (Connie Moore @Forrester) Get ready to dig into BPM now with just what you need and no more to get the project done […]

Write Your Own Lottery Ticket – Building Innovative BPM Redesigns

lottery ticket and pen

What if you could write your own lottery ticket? Well, you would surely write one that would be a winner! And that’s exactly what I recommend doing when the process improvement team gets to the redesign phase. Create a wining process redesign!

Up until this point the team has been doing left brain activity, documenting […]

Top Ten Metrics for BPM Projects (part 2)

performance top 10 metrics

Executives always want to know the metrics for a BPM project, and so they should. But what metrics are important and for what reason? Part 1 of this blog discussed the purpose of metrics (to make decisions and take action) and 5 key metrics for Getting Started with a BPM Project and for Analysis. This […]