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“Shelley was excellent at ensuring the entire class was challenged although the level of experience within the classroom greatly varied.”

R. L.,
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A Faster Way to Gather Requirements (and Earn a Prize)

win an award

As a prestigious university, we had over 100 varied graduate programs all of whom have their own application process. With a budget crunch we wanted to buy or build a system which would enable us to consolidate the multiple programs and standardize them into one application process. How do we understand the requirements for […]

Can We Build Business Sales at our Retail Store?


Dear i4Process,

Can you help me increase business sales in our retail location? I work for a high tech company and we sell our products online, by phone, and in retail stores. We have terrific customer service with retail customers but are now trying to reach small business owners that come into our retail store […]

Are You Ready to Start a BPM Project?

worry BPM Porj smaller shot 2012-05-03 at 12.55.57 PM

Dear i4Process,

I have data which tells me a process is underperforming. I have suggested some changes which made things better, but now I want to take a broader view across departments with a BPM/process improvement project. My boss says o.k., but only if I can guarantee success. That’s a challenge and a threat at […]

Customization is Driving Us Crazy!

customize istockmall

Dear i4Process,

Customization is driving us crazy! We want to meet our customer needs but we can’t handle this level of variation. What should we do?

Dear Crazy,

Do not worry. You are not terminally unique. Many of i4Proess customers have had this problem. It grows out of a variety of situations. One software customer […]

How Do We Get Different Stakeholders To See The BPM Process Together?

iStockdiff. stakeholdersl

Dear i4Process:

We have an important work process that we need to streamline but some of the key players are not in our chain of command. Our sponsor can round up resources from within our group to work on this process improvement effort but we won’t fully understand the process if we don’t […]