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“Great combination of hands-on exercises and simulation software to analyze how to make improvements in the work place”

AMR Elsersy,
Consolidated Contractors Co.


A BPM Team or BPM Stakeholders?

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There are many ways to ‘do’ business process improvement projects. It’s best if the company has a methodology from BPM, Lean, Six Sigma, Reengineering or some other methodology. Here’s the one I use, starting with selecting the project and ending with monitoring and sustaining the project; ‘doing’ the process improvement project means completing the section […]

What do Users Think about 4 Critical Process Improvement Techniques?

A client once asked me, “How do you choose which process improvement techniques to use and in what order?” Let’s assume you have selected a project and written a charter.

Then there are 79-100+ techniques to choose from for the Discovery, Analysis and Redesign phase. And no one wants to use that many! For Discovery […]

How do I get the BPI team to design a new process?

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Dear i4Process, I was working with a small team on a BPI project to review and sign several human resource flows and to automate the process. We completed a charter and did all the mandatory analysis (BPMN-flowchart, I am WASTED pain points, Customer scorecard). We were ready to start working on the new design, but […]