“Shelley was excellent at ensuring the entire class was challenged although the level of experience within the classroom greatly varied.”

R. L.,
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Analyzing and Optimizing BPM Processes

Virtual Training and Certification – BPMessentials Course

Dates:  2017 (contact instructor to schedule your company class) –  9am-2pm ET/3pm-8pm Europe

Price for the two day class is $789. Register below for classes.


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Business Need

Are you wondering what the best method is for analyzing and optimizing your process?

Do you do rework and use workarounds because information is missing or inaccurate?

Do you have multiple ways of doing work where one process would be more efficient and cost- effective?

Do you need to streamline your processes and reduce complexity?

Is the market demanding you cut costs and be more agile?

Ideas and Involvement

Process modeling can take 6 months and the analysis another 6 months after that.  But it doesn’t have to.  This course demonstrates a structured approach that gets results faster and more effectively.  You will learn how to use three guiding lights to keep you on track and work toward a common goal, how to utilize the skills of a cross-functional team of subject matter experts, and the required techniques to analyze the current process and build an optimized process.

Implementation and Impact

This course is oriented for individuals or pairs who will be engaged in modeling, analyzing and improving processes in their organization or as external consultants. Bring your own process to the workshop and I will give you individual coaching. We use a method called Action Learning. You learn the analysis or optimization technique, try it in a case or exercise, and then apply it to your own process.  So you get to do real work in the course on your own process.

Today, use of software tools is essential for sharing, preserving, and reusing the models and analyses you create, and for aligning business and IT. We use a Visio-based BPMN tool (free with the course) with the training and apply the tools and techniques in hands-on exercises in class.


At the end of this seminar participants will know how to:

  1. Analyze process diagrams to detect problems and suggest potential improvements
  2. Build a visual analysis diagram which integrates process inefficiencies and shows leverage points for improvement
  3. Use a creative process and specific rules for redesign to incorporate best practice principles during optimization
  4. Describe proposed to-be processes in BPMN diagrams usable by both business and IT
  5. Build models that will flow seamlessly to the next stages of modeling for implementation

Length:  2 days, 5 hours each, online

Segment of Visual Analysis Model -click to enlarge

Prerequisites Recommended:

Course Outline

  • Getting Started – Building a charter with the process owner, the BPM project roadmap, and selecting the BPM improvement team (It is best that you have taken the first course Starting and Organizing a BPM Project.)
    • The charter with the process owner
    • The BPM project roadmap, and
    • Getting committed leadership selecting the BPM improvement team
  • Customer Experience and what’s “value added”
    • Learn a customer scorecard model to get customer data in 20 minutes
    • Identify which customers to contact for your process
    • Summarize key findings for application to your process
  • Quantitative Data
    • Where you need it in your process (less is more)
    • How to gather it
    • What the data tells you
  • Evaluating the current process
    • Identify employee pain points using I Wasted categories
    • Determine time wasters, cycle time, waiting between steps
    • Find the bottlenecks
    • Analyze errors and rework
    • Conduct root cause analysis
  • A visual analysis diagram
    • Visualize work and information flow problems on the model
    • Use the visual analysis model to tell the story
  • Redesigning the Process
    • Review a case to see the differences between the As Is model and To Be model
    • 5 overriding rules for redesign and 17 techniques to build the optimized model
    • Follow a innovative method to create ideas for the To Be model
  • Reviewing business process redesign efforts
    • What to look for
    • What to ask
    • How to coach
  • Certification
    • Understand the 3 elements needed for certification, time frame, and what they entail
      • Participation in class
      • Online multiple choice test with example
      • Work application using charter and BPMN current state models

How this Live-online Session Works

The course is conducted via a web browser using the e-learning platform from Adobe Connect, which supports presentation sharing, interactions with other students, work in teams in breakout rooms and personal coaching from me.   Hands-on exercises are based on a case and your own application.  The media allows a high level of interaction between the instructor and the student as well as among students.

This Live-online Workshop includes

  • High interaction around content and model
  • Individualized coaching on your own process
  • Learning aids and quick start tools for immediate use
  • Individual coaching sessions after the workshop for your process
  • BPMessentials certification

Free Use of ITP Process Modeler tool

You have use of this Visio-based add on tool for free (normally costing over $800) during the workshop and for 60 days after the workshop. This tool makes it easy to document models using BPMN at level 1, 2, and 3.


Certification builds your professional capability and credibility in your organization.  It establishes your skills and competencies in analyzing and optimizing a BPM project – knowing how to use individual instances to model the As Is state, using the ‘required’ analysis techniques, selecting the analysis techniques that are right for your process, and building an optimized To Be process. Certification is part of the BPMessentials training curriculum.  BPMessentials certification is their recognition that you have mastered the material.  Currently over 500 certified participants are registered on the BPMessential site.

Following the class you will have 60 days to complete the certification requirements, demonstrating mastery of the material.  Certification involves full participation in the workshop, passing an online exam, and completing an assignment based on real work in your organization.

Price:  The price of the course is $789 per student (qty 1), and $710 per student (qty 5) which includes certification, application coaching and 60-day use of the BPMN tool.

Client Comments

When we hired Shelley, we were looking for someone to help us redesign our complicated tax return process to both increase efficiency and significantly reduce the possibility of error…  Shelley assisted us in marshaling the relevant facts and sifting through them to determine the critical underlying drivers.  She was also always on the lookout for opportunities to maximally leverage technology.  As a result, we have been able to dramatically improve a number of our sub processes, streamlining time-consuming calculations by creating decision rules around materiality, reducing unnecessary rework, and using technology to avoid problematic handoffs.                                                           Greg Hilbrich, SVP, Oracle

 Shelley Sweet is a process re-engineering project expert.  She brings a solid proven methodology that is structured but flexible, fast and effective.  Shelley worked with us on two complex process improvement initiatives.  She was able to very quickly learn the issues, pull together the right team, and train the team as they were applying the methodology to the two initiatives.  Chief Human Resources Officer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Shelley was excellent at ensuring the entire class was challenged although the level of experience within the classroom greatly varied.                                                          R. L., Universal Weather


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