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“Shelley worked with the union, school personnel and management to change the way maintenance serviced the schools. The shift to a customer centered approach increased the amount of work and speed of response and delighted the schools.”

Dan Katzir
Executive Director (former)
UCLA School Management Program


Innovative Ideas and Provocative Thoughts from Building Business Capabilities Conference Last Week Nov. 2013

I attended three days of this conference:  a well done event, over 1000 people, Las Vegas is a 24/7 place. Here are some stimulating tidbits I took away from the week.

Framework for Measuring Project Success – Beyond Budget, Scope, Schedule and Quality Peter Moon, Microsoft

To get people to think creatively in an integrative fashion, ask “What would have to work for this to be the best possible option?”   This question asks all in the group to consider an option together and discuss how to get there.

Performance Ratios Connect Business Architecture to Business Performance
Scott Whitmire, Nordstrom, Inc.

“What is the minimum investment I have to make to get the change in customer response I want?”  Execution is where the rubber meets the road. Measures need to relate back to the strategy.  When measuring effectiveness, the goal is to measure how effective the inputs are in changing the results. Here are a few effectiveness measures:

 Three Forms of Analysis
Chris Ramias, Performance Design Lab
Rick Rummler, Performance Design Lab

Add Visual Analysis to Variation and Waste Analysis in your work. Visual analysis is model-driven, helps show linkages, and builds consensus on problems and causes.

The Visual Analysis diagram below shows the visual causes of problems on the model.  The visual analysis indicates that if you work on cause two and eliminate it, all the downstream problems (except #7) will go away.

What Is It That Makes Your Company Smart?
Ronald G. Ross, Business Rule Solutions, LLC and

 “A business is only as smart as it ability to determine whether its strategy is failing…before it fails.”  KPI’s  can help as potential policy monitors.  They can be used to help the organization look at trends to see if the business if failing of succeeding.



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