“I saw three advantages to doing process analysis this way:

1) the employees are doing real work in a team setting

2) the teams see different perspectives and feel like they're not the only one with this problem

3) we're driving a methodology through the organization and starting to get critical mass who knows and uses business process analysis.”

Jon Bain-Chekal,
Finance Project Manager
University of California, Berkeley


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Profit through Process Improvement

As a leader, can you identify key organizational problems, but you’re not always sure how to solve them?

Ideas and Involvement

We work with a team of your best managers and employees to understand the current work process, analyze it, complete process modeling and then reengineer the business process. Our proven methodology energizes and leads them to inventive ideas that really get implemented in the work place.

Implementation and Impact

The team creates solutions based on data and design principles. Their involvement and commitment guarantees a successful implementation. Ideal for leadership development, the team wins by gaining new skills and seeing their low cost business designs profit in the work place.

Shelley Sweet’s New Book
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FrontCover4Mkt_webThe BPI Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide to Make Your Business Process Improvement Projects Simple, Structured and Successful provides you with a detailed plan of action to create results the first time, inspire leaders of business processes, and build invigorated skilled teams. So if you’re looking for a simple, no nonsense, guide to help you develop and manage effective Business Process Improvement projects, regardless of your experience-level, you’ve got the right book. See more on Amazon.

“It is a rare gift for an expert to document their life’s work in an easy-to-read, practical guide.  Shelley Sweet is that expert and this book is not only easy to understand, it provides a step-by-step guide to realize dramatic results through evidence-based, process improvement techniques and methodologies.Shelly Berlin, Berlin Eaton Management Consultants


Get Faster Results and Sustained Continuous Improvement

Our Action Learning approach has 3 teams work on 3 processes simultaneously each with a sponsor, project lead, and internal consultant.


Multiple projects demonstrate business results!

Many employees and managers experience the power of a proven process methodology as part of their leadership development

Excitement and synergy occur with teams learning together

Internal consultants become ongoing leaders for sustaining continuous improvement

Panel Discussion Webcast with Shelley Sweet and IBM’s Sam Antoun, Brian Safron How to Make Lean Six Sigma Projects More Successful


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